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Porsche 928 5.0 32 V S3 Coupe Fabrieks Nieuw !! Rood 3de Type S3

Prijs€ 79.950,-
Kilometerstand22.551 km
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Porsche 928 5.0 32 V S3 Coupe Factory new!! Red 292 HP, 3the Type S3

Porsche updated the North American 928 S for 1985, replacing the 4.7 L SOHC engine with a new 5.0 L DOHC unit sporting four valves per cylinder and producing 288 hp (215 kW/292 PS). Seats were also updated to a new style, these cars are sometimes unofficially called S3 to distinguish them from 16-valve `S` models. European models kept a 4.7 L engine, which was somewhat more powerful as standard, though lower 9.3:1 compression 32-valve engine together with catalytic converters became an option in some European countries and Australia for 1986. In 1986, revised suspension settings, larger brakes with 4-piston calipers and modified exhaust was installed on the 928S, marking the final changes to old body style cars. These were straight from the 928S4, which was slated to debut a few months later. These changes came starting from VIN 1001, which means that the first thousand `86`s had the old brakes, but later cars had the later systems. This later 1986 model is sometimes referred to as a 1986?1?2 or 1986.5 because of these changes. The name is a little misleading as more than 3/4 of the 1986 production had these updates.

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